The Epic Battle Engulfing The Brain Washed Mogul African Puppet-Masters & The Battalions of Real People. By Ndiawar Diop

senegalese-mogul-puppet-mastersThe Epic Battle Engulfing The Brain Washed Mogul African Puppet-Masters & The Battalions of Real People.

What’s going on in Africa for Decades now is not just a Melodrama but a Colossal Corporate Tragedy of Bad Titans with Poor Management on Decisions Making; Puppet-Masters Heirs that have been selling Anything Valuable from Petroleum, Gold, Diamonds, Lands, to even The Sun Shining Spaces.
A lack of vision in the leaders Minds that led the nation in Culture of Entitlement without borders which has created a Steep Erosion in Value for almost every section or activities. However, the blame for each problem cannot be laid at the feet of One Person; it’s the responsibility of everyone: every single individu (Men and Women; Young or Old) is responsable for the situation we are living in.
In Senegal, for example, it began to rebound in recent years ( Since 2012) on rumors that Aliou (Alioune) Sall, the brother of the actual President of Senegal Macky Sall, had made business deal with Money Traffic Negotiators to exploite and sale the Petrol and Gas of the Country most Valuable Natural Ressources; and therefore him (Aliou Sall), Macky Sall and the Faye-Sall Family were to be Swept out. The speculation came true last year, when an investigation led by Baba Aidara (an Investigative Journalist) to show the face of the World how Macky Sall the President of Senegal, his younger brother Aliou Sall and some other friends and family members have plan to run their Super Power Corporate before the Poor, Confused, Distracted and Hopeless Senegalese People.
Today, we all know that Efforts should be made to Seek Legal Challenges to sort out in International Court all our Natural Ressources that are about to be the Sole Propriety of One Family, One Man and his Group of Friends. They decide on everything and among the missteps frequently cited:
Millions of Dollars for Amusements which in turn benefitted Only the Faye-Sall Community (the last Four (4) years); though, many questions have been asked to whether some of that money would have been better used to invest in the Youths for a better future.
Focusing on Quantity Versus Quality among the Electric and Water Issues Senegal is facing the Last Thirty (30) Years; as we all already know Macky Sall’s Administration has been struggling the Last Four (4) Years to maintain the Minimum Carriage in Water and Electricity for the Nation Fourteen (14) Millions People’s Domestic Need.
– Relying on Corrupted Old Politicians Folks who, when in Power, have shown their Limits, putting the Country of Senegal in ITS Most Devastating State Ever with Horrible Consequences we’re still living in and the future generation will, without any doubt, experience Hardship for so many years (God Forbid).
– Very High Monthly Salary Packages for the Faye-Sale Family and the Top Executives closed to the actual president, Macky Sall, in the face of Economically Declining Senegal; we still all remembering in the Year Two Thousand Twelve (2012), Macky Sall declared having earned Eight (8) Billions Senegalese Money in less than Twelve (12) Years for someone who has no Degree, No Job Experience, No Income and No Assets before March Two Thousand (2000). It’s said that the content spending under his watch has been Doubled compared to Abdoulaye Wade, Abdou Diouf and Leopold Sedar Senghor, his predecessors.
The consequences are there, Macky Sall did not deliver. He puts into Debt the country with Nothing to show for it other than putting his opponents in Jail.
We all agree that Macky Sall has no pronounced Strategy; just Buzz, Words and Blaming his predecessor. Opportunity, Fairness and Talent have been chased out of the country. No More Hope. Racial and Ethnical Discrimination (Halpularisation) has been taking place since April Two Thousand Twelve (2012). Yet, Senegal is still Savable even though they didn’t get the Job Done. Today, Karim Wade is Free but we, The People, are still in Seclusion and Dying Slowly.
We’ve got to move now if we want to survive as a Nation as the Epic Battle Movement is likely to come on many Fronts in the Coming Years; whereby the Brain Washed Moguls, the Old Titans and Western Puppet-Masters will have to face the Battalions of Brave and Courageous Senegalese People working Side by Side, from Coast to Coast to give the Nation Its Real and Definitive Freedom.

Ndiawar Diop Journalist & African Political Analyst
News Correspondent, News Program Moderator.
CEO & Founder of Sunuker Fm: The 1st African Radio in Los Angeles.
[email protected]